One of our best-selling books has received some brilliant coverage in RM Williams Outback Magazine.

A selection of Andrew Chapman’s brilliant pictures from Woolsheds: Volume 2 are featured in a six-page spread in the August-September edition of the magazine.

Thanks to the magazine’s editor, Mark Muller, for his brilliant support of our business and of Andrew’s work, which is centred around preserving Australia’s wool industry heritage for future generations.

As Andrew writes in the text that accompanies the pictures: “Perhaps the overarching reason that I continue to photograph woolsheds is the fact that they are slowly disappearing.

“Year by year, these grand old pieces of Australian rural architecture deteriorate, as droughts, fires, storms and even indifference take their toll.

“What you see in Woolsheds: Volume 2 is a continuation of my efforts to leave a visual legacy for all Australians to enjoy.”

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