Ten Bag Press is a publisher devoted to producing books of the highest quality.

Whether it be our writers, photographers or designers, everyone who works on publishing projects for Ten Bag Press is passionate about storytelling. One of our favourite sayings is, “Everyone on the planet has a great story to tell.” Along similar lines, we believe every community group, every town and every business has a story worth telling and worth recording for posterity.

Our writing style is to produce engaging text by combining oral history and yarn-spinning with in-depth research. When combined with the highest quality documentary photography, we are able to produce books that truly respect and celebrate their subjects. Add to that the first-class design that sets Ten Bag Press books apart from so many others, and you have a publisher that is at the top of its field.

Adam McNicol


Ten Bag Press is owned and operated by Adam McNicol. Adam is a Ballarat-based journalist and author. He has written a number of books, including The Danihers, the authorised biography of the four brothers who played for Essendon, and Manangatang, which was the first book published by Ten Bag Press. He also co-wrote All Bets Are Off, the autobiography of former Melbourne player and reformed gambler David Schwarz, In My Own Words, the autobiography of former Carlton and Brisbane Lions star Brendan Fevola, Life and Football, the autobiography of Brisbane Lions champion Jonathan Brown, Just Like Family: A history of Victoria's Rural Finance Corporation and For Mutual Good: The story of CUA. Along with writing books and running Ten Bag Press, Adam works on the Collingwood Football Club's website, collingwoodfc.com.au. He also writes in a freelance capacity for the AFL Record.

Andrew Chapman


Renowned photographer Andrew Chapman has worked on Manangatang, Camperdown and its Cup, Just Like Family and Quilpie. Andrew's best-selling photographic books include Woolsheds, Around the Sheds and Working Dogs.

Noel Butcher


Noel Butcher has been photographing, with varying degrees of success, since the mid-1960s. He had a long career with the Herald newspaper in Melbourne, then freelanced for various newspapers, magazines and corporate clients. Having retired from the banality of corporate work, he now only photographs topics he considers interesting.

Jaime Murcia


Jaime Murcia has been shooting professionally for almost 30 years, carrying his camera with humour, compassion and curiosity. His work has been published right across Australia in countless magazines, newspapers and websites.

Phil Campbell

Book designer

Phil Campbell is an award-winning book designer based in Richmond. He designs a range of non-fiction titles including books on current affairs and rural themes as well as biographies. He enjoys getting out of the city to help document Australian rural life.