Another weekend in the Mallee

Our huge project to produce a photographic documentary of the small towns of north-west Victoria’s Mallee region is gathering steam after we had a great few days in the region between May 25 and 28. The five photographers involved in the project – Noel Butcher, Andrew Chapman, Melanie Faith Dove, Jaime Murcia and Erin Jonasson – all came along. Our...
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Manang Races book to the printer

These are exciting times for Ten Bag Press as our latest book, They're Racing at Manangatang, heads off to be turned into a top-class hardback by McPherson's Printing Group. The book, which will retail for $45, has come up a treat thanks to the great photography from Noel Butcher, Andrew Chapman and Jaime Murcia and the superb design work by...
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Early work on The Mallee book

Two of our photographers, Andrew Chapman and Jaime Murcia, recently headed out west to begin a new project documenting the small towns in Victoria’s Mallee region. The project will culminate in the publication of a book titled The Mallee. A total of five photographers – Andrew, Jaime, Noel Butcher, Melanie Faith Dove and Erin Jonasson – will be part of...
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Melbourne to Balranald

There’s nothing like a road trip into the heart of rural Australia! Adam McNicol, Andrew Chapman and Noel Butcher have just returned from a three-day drive through the Riverina region of New South Wales. The boys started by driving from Melbourne to Balranald, via Adam’s place in Ballarat. On these types of trips, Adam drives and Andrew and Noel watch...
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The annual Manangatang Cup

The annual Manangatang Cup, held each year on the second Saturday in October, is one of the most famous once-a-year race meetings in Australia. That fame comes from the saying “They’re racing at Manangatang”, which put the event on the map way back in the 1940s. The saying was popularised by comedian Ward Leopold, who produced a number of best-selling...
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